Mt. Tam Sunset & Sunrise • July 2018

Anthony and I took off to Mt. Tam with one goal - to shoot the rolling fog that butts up against the foothills of Mt. Tam.

With this in mind, we booked it from Santa Cruz in his truck and made it up to a nice lookout on the mountain prior to sunset. We walked out a bit, found a few spots to stop and shoot, and ultimately ended up watching the sunset from this gorgeous lookout with some other company.

it's neat to watch everybody patiently waiting. quietly sitting still, waiting fo the light to fade.

Whether it's the first time or you've lost track of how many times you've been, Mt. Tam is something of another world for a little bit.

Though this was a quick trip up for the night and back the next afternoon, we got to be in so many different spots watching the ways the low fog interacted with the rolling hills below while the light was carried with it.

Sometimes it's the incredibly ill-prepared trips where you decide not to even grocery shop and just get In-n-Out for dinner, simply packing oatmeal and coffee for the morning just to hold us over that make for some pretty good times. Of course I'm inspired on a whole different level by larger trips that take planning and more adventure-seeking, but I find it pretty soothing to keep mini adventures like this a constant part of my life. Who knows where you're really heading next?