My name is Jack Leonard and I'm a freelance photographer with a passion for adventuring.

If growing up in California has taught me anything, it's that our planet has so much more to offer us than we can ever really fathom. I was lucky enough to get out and explore the coast and the magic of the ocean, but have also lived in the Redwoods of California and driven across much of the Western U.S., lived in Europe for 7 months, and am finding my next place to call home.

There's so much out there and I'm just trying to capture a few little moments in this adventure we call life. There are so many people, so many pictures, and so many more stories. 

You can find me traveling, near or far, out of the back of my truck or somehow finding my way there - whatever makes for a good story. 

I primarily shoot landscape, seascape, portraits, commercial headshots, automotive, travel, and lifestyle photography.

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